Primarily, I identify as a photographer. However, my passion extends to the allure of handmade prints, leading me to employ alternative printing methods to metamorphose my photographs into distinctive artistic pieces.

Among my preferred alternative techniques are palladium printing and gumprinting. Palladium, being a precious metal, imparts a distinctive radiance when infused into paper. Consequently, palladium prints exhibit a depth, opulence, and nuanced tonal quality that surpasses what can be achieved through other printing methods.

The appeal of palladium prints lies in their durability, longevity, and unparalleled beauty.

Furthermore, palladium can serve as a foundational layer for one or more layers of gumprint. I am drawn to the expansive tonal range and the intricacies of the labor-intensive process involved. The outcome is a collection of prints, each possessing a unique character.