FOTOGRAFIE Lucrees van Groningen

Lucrees van Groningen

Slow photography

All my life I have been taking pictures. Starting with film and developing these in a darkroom, printing the best negatives on paper. Quite time consuming but very rewarding. The world became faster, as did the change of cameras and systems. I changed to digital, adapting to a changing world. But for me somthing went missing in this process. Although it is very handy and has very satisfying results, it made me long for something more unique within photography. I started looking around for a way to import some craftsmanship into my work. I have always loved the colour, tone and texture of platinum palladium prints; so that's where I have started my search. I cannot say this was an easy road (finding the proper chemicals, the right paper to use etc.)...but with the help of the unsurpassed book of Christopher James and some blogs I found my way.  I have never been happier. This is the combination photography and crafstmanship I had been looking for. And it was only the beginning. On reading ethusiastic reacties on the beauty of gum over platinum/ palladium I felt almost obliged to try this magical gumprinting. Although there are not too many ingredients to the process, it is complicated to find one's way in it. But with the books from Christopher James and Christina Z. Anderson, a huge stack of paper and a lot of time I found my road to gumprinting. Each print is unique and a photograph is actually becoming an object. I do hope you will think the same after visiting this website, although, of course, one cannot appreciate the real beauty of these prints on a screen; therefore you really have to see them.